Here's a few tips when it comes to custom codes and polite behavior.


Your time is valuable. Ideally, we want to begin classes promptly. Please arrive 5-10 minutes beforehand and feel

free to bring a water bottle, towel, or yoga mat. It's ok if you don't own a yoga mat because we have            

rental mats conveniently priced at 2 bucks.


Ultimately, it's your choice on what clothes to wear, but we encourage comfortable and somewhat fitted gear

because baggy pieces tend to get in the way and absorb sweat poorly. Lastly, if you need to leave early from class,

please do so before savasana begins (savasana is the final relaxation pose at the end of class).        



Start new. Power Vinyasa Basics is the perfect session for first-timers, starters, or even 10-year practitioners. 

In this type of class, you embrace the beginner’s mindset in order to learn the fundamental skills of breath,

postures, and alignment. Room gradually heated to 90-92 degrees.



Get ready to sweat. Power Vinyasa is an energizing class where students breathe

and move fluidly from one pose to the next. Breath, focus, strength and flexibility

all play a role in this revitalizing style of yoga. Room gradually heated to 96-98 degrees.